Contract Manufacturing

Your businesses needs will be more than satisfied when your product development team along with the highly skilled and talented team of Chefs and food technologists at Total Catering Solutions work together on developing recipes and processes that will suit your requirements.

New product development (NPD) is done in test size batches, signed off once approved by the customer. The next step in the process is that the recipes are commercialised, produced in large volume and signed off once again prior to full implementation.

TCS can develop fresh, frozen and fresh extended shelf life products with up to 35 day’s chilled life.

This shelf life is achieved by following stringent processes and not by adding preservatives.   

TCS currently contract manufacture for a large group of Quick Service Restaurants and distribute products both chilled and frozen to over 30 locations in the Perth Metropolitan area, country Western Australia and interstate. Applying a 35 day fresh shelf life has allowed the chilled products to make the 3 – 5 day journey across the Nullarbor and still leave ample shelf life to suit the business needs.

TCS also produce a large range of products for the aviation industry, mining industry and the general food service industry, following strict and confidential recipes.

A range of industry specific cakes and dessert lines are also distributed to various sites across the Perth metropolitan area.