Quality Assurance

Total Catering Solution's Quality Management System

TCS operates under a comprehensive quality system that is externally audited by an Accredited Food Safety Auditor from a JAZANZ certified Auditing Body. (SGS)  The system incorporates HACCP principles to reduce and manage any food safety risks that could occur in the business, which utilises cook chill and cook freeze processing technologies and also extended life food production and packing.

The system is monitored and maintained by a small group of dedicated professionals working closely with senior managers to ensure that safe and suitable food is produced at all times. 

This supports the company's commitment to maintain the highest standards available and continually improving all aspects of food safety and handling.

To achieve these goals TCS maintains its HACCP based risk assessment for all products manufactured and also maintains all required pre-requisite programs to support this system.  The comprehensive record system enables TCS to demonstrate its commitment and standards at audit, enabling it to also demonstrate its capabilities to clients old and new.

The TCS business has successfully maintained its Certification with the current Auditing Company since 2011. 

A copy of the current certification can be viewed here.